My Coaching

We all face struggles of some kind as we live life out. Sometimes it’s our own personal work to be coached through. Other times it’s work we need to do along with others, because there is a shared vision of personal growth, or they are, in some way, involved in the struggle. 

There are also groups of people with whom you just feel safe, so a lot of your personal growth has been together. Walking in community nurtures change we don’t anticipate, but deeply need. All of these are conversations I would love to facilitate and coach you through, as an individual or a group.

YOU need more attention.

Think about it, how much time, energy, and money do you spend on your physical world? The gym where you might workout, the food you eat, the makeup and clothes you wear, the car or truck you drive, the home you live in, the yard you display, they are all the tangibles of your life. But none of this is YOU.

Who YOU are is an intangible reality that needs more attention. Struggle in life tends to expose the needs, weaknesses, pains, and sorrows that lie hidden here. The mental, emotional, and spiritual self needs to be known and understood, and the health of your very being cultivated.

I can help you do that.

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